Here at Transportation Safety and Compliance Consulting (TSCC), we offer a variety of services. We understand that running a successful company takes a lot of time and effort, and at times can be stressful. The services we provide are offered to ensure safe trucking and to keep your company in compliance with federal and state regulations.

TSCC has been in service for over a decade. Our number one priority is our clients. While the state and federal regulations for motor carriers constantly change, we strive to keep up to date with the latest news and publications in order to keep our companies in compliance. We provide the peace of mind of operating legally for the companies we serve.

Areas of Service

Driver Qualification Files

By federal regulation, each driver who drives a commercial vehicle or combination of vehicle greater than 10,000 pounds, the company is required to build a driver qualification file for each driver.

Maintenance Files

Just like driver qualification files, a company is required, by federal regulations, to create a file on each unit that is controlled by the company.

Hours of Service

Hours of service is your duty day. We provide an auditing service to ensure your company’s drivers are following the correct federal regulations.

Drug & Alcohol Compliance

As of 2020 all CDL holders are required to be in a random drug consortium with a 50% chance of being tested for drugs and a 10% chance of being tested for alcohol per year.

Fuel Tax and Other Licensing Requirements

Once your equipment reaches a certain licensed weight, your obligations as a motor carrier grows. TSCC will take care of your licensing and quarterly tax requirements.

Hazmat Compliance

Hauling material classified as hazardous by DOT holds your company to added standards and requires compliance with supplementary regulations.

Safety Training Classes

Safety classes and meetings can help educate your employees to create a safe operating culture.


Department of Transportation audits are designed to investigate your company’s compliance with all regulations in accordance with 49 CFR.